Ever wondered why some candles at Bath & Body Works currently say "White Barn" while others say "Slatkin & Co."?  Some even say "Bath & Body Works"!  Click on the green READ MORE (link below right) to find out the differences!
Leaves Through The Years
What is Slatkin & Co.?
  • Slatkin & Co. is a home fragrance company that was started by Harry Slatkin.  In 2005, Bath & Body Works' parent company, The Limited, purchased the Slatkin & Co. brand and is now a part of Bath & Body Works product lines.  Slatkin & Co. does still appear in other places such as QVC.  
What is White Barn?
  • White Barn on the other hand was originally a series of stores often paired next to a Bath & Body Works, called "White Barn Candle Company" and sold their own line of White Barn candles and home fragrance products.  The White Barn brand existed for Bath & Body Works years before Slatkin & Co.  Some of these store still exist today but are often just a store dedicated to all home fragrance products.  This has recently changed and now Bath & Body Works seems to be reinvigorating the White Barn candle brand by re-introducing the White Barn brand back into many of their products.
What does this mean to me?  Is there a difference?
  • As of January 2013, the new Spring line of candles, Wallflowers and Scentportables are now branded as Bath & Body Works and White Barn.  None of the candles are labeled Slatkin & Co. anymore, so we can confirm that the Slatkin & Co. brand/name is phasing out.  Some Slatkin & Co. products linger from past seasons.  Since the Slatkin & Co. brand was purchased by the company, it is speculated that the scents created under Slatkin & Co. during its years at Bath & Body Works are now owned by Bath & Body Works and therefore we see many of the scents that were previously under the Slatkin & Co. brand to now be labeled as both Bath & Body Works and White Barn.  This includes Wallflowers, Scentportables, room sprays, fragrance oils and of course candles.  It is believed that Harry Slatkin is walking away from Bath & Body Works and focusing on his own outerwear brand.  Since in essence, there is not much changing except for the brand name and packaging, not much should change for us as many of the same scents still exist and may very well continue to exist.  One topic of concern is that because Slatkin may be leaving, we may no longer get new scents from him in the future.  We can hope that he left a team of fragrance experts behind to pave way for new scents in the future.
  • Bottom Line: We believe these changes are simply packaging and name changes and are part of their re-branding effort.  It is a common misconception that the candles are completely changing, but we strongly believe they are not as we have burned all of the different branded candles ourselves and own countless Bath & Body Works candles.
Why has my burn time/performance changed?
  • Burn time was changed from 40-65 hours to 30-45 in January 2012 before the whole re-branding effort was even started.  The candles were still labeled Slatkin & Co. during this time and has nothing to do with the name change to White Barn and B&BW.  The burn time was changed when the company switched to "an improved, exclusive blend of vegetable wax" as stated on the bottom of the candles.   
  • As for performance: performance has always varied with Bath & Body Works candles.  If anything, we've experienced the worst performance during the Slatkin & Co. era of Spring 2012 (i.e. Bahama Fizz 2012, Blackberry Grapefruit) and therefore has nothing to do with the changes to White Barn and B&BW labeled candles.  If anything, we've experienced much better-performing candles once the name change occurred. 
What about Bath & Body Works labeled candles?
  • Bath & Body Works branded candles have existed for some time and their "Signature Collection" scents have often existed along side Slatkin & Co. products.  We believe this to be just another branding effort, and may very well still be produced by the same fragrance team that creates Slatkin & Co.  It cannot be stated that all previous "Slatkin & Co." candles are simply converting to "Bath & Body Works" labeled candles as previous Slatkin scents now exist in the White Barn line as well.

Comments?  Questions?  Leave them below!
-Scentizens (updated Jan. 2013)



Patricia Linzey
10/23/2012 5:22am

Just purchased Leaves in White Barn brand, but definitely does not have the same intensity of fragrance that the Slatkin brand does. I will be returning them to the store.

10/30/2012 8:54pm

I agree with Patricia, my Leaves Slatkin brand just burned out and I opened my White Barn Leaves and the scent is not as strong and lacks the madarin scent. Also, the wicks are too close and is burning much faster....too sad this truly was my favorite scent...:(

11/01/2012 12:19pm

Thanks for the heads up! We've also heard that the intensity and fragrances may vary from brand to brand and both Raquel's and your comments now confirm this. Thanks for sharing!

Jean Beaudry
08/17/2013 2:26pm

I totally agree with Patricia. The White Barn brand doesn't even come close to that of Slatkin. I too, love the leaves fragrance and am very sorry to see they are not sold in the stores anymore.

Dawn Williams
10/27/2013 4:33pm

I TOTALLY agree with Patricia. I burned the White Barn brand for two hours and smelled nothing. I even left the house for 30 min, returned and still nothing. I will be returning the White Barn candle back to BBW. I loved the previous BBW brand, Slatin & Co. I'm sadden that I only have half a jar left. I heard it is offered on QVC.

violet rowe
11/26/2012 8:44am

I like the Slatkin candles better than the White Barn. The Slatkin and co. burn better and smell better. Hope they keep making candles

01/02/2013 3:33am

There the same

10/15/2013 9:18pm


BJ Thomas
03/30/2013 9:18am

I agree. I purchased my two favorites, Slatkin Leaves (fall and winter) and Fresh Bamboo (spring and summer), and before I noticed they were White Barn, I noticed there was definitely a difference. Definitely. You know how some fragrances give you a "headache"? That's what happened. Only then did I notice the brand difference. Slatkin's seems to burn fresher and "clearer." So disappointed! Now buying what I can find on other websites.

08/17/2013 7:40pm

Go to the Nest Website! This is owned by Laura Slatkin and if you are looking for the quality-here you go!

08/17/2013 7:42pm

Go to the Nest website! This is the candle company owned by Laura Slatkin

11/26/2012 2:17pm

I agree with previous comments. Slatkin Candles are the best by far. I started buying them instead of Yankee Candles becuase the scents were stonger and brighter and they burned so well. Please Harry Slatkin - do not leave B and B. I already miss the large selection at our local store and want to see them back in full selections!

11/29/2012 1:43pm

I agree with all of the above comments. I'm afraid that if the White Barn brand is all we will have then I will go back to Yankee candle.

12/14/2012 7:25pm

I was just in Bath&Body today and got 5... I've always LOVED how Slatkin's burned, and smelled and noticed a few White Barn ones in the store. The sales associate basically said if you're used to Slatkin, you most likely wont be as happy with White Barn... She said they have had quite a few White Barn returns from die-hard Slatkin fans, mainly due to them not being as strong as the S&C, and also issues with how they burn.... I LOVEEEEE S&C candles, and was sure I got only that brand on this past haul. The associate compared the two brands to Coke and Pepsi.... While they're pretty similar, you always have your favorite and don't really stray from it!

12/30/2012 9:33pm

I too changed from Yankee Candles to Slatkin &Co.for the same reason that they smelled stronger. I smelled the White Barn and didnt like it. I wont buy one. If they stop selling the Slatkin I too will go back to Yankee Candles. Why cant they keep the good things alone. I also changed all of my plug ins to Slatkin from the Yankee ones.

01/04/2013 6:31pm

These candles are not the same. The Slatkin candles were far better and burned a lot longer. My new awful barn candle has the same smell but not as strong and also burned down to nothing in less than a week. My slatkins would last over a month with daily burning. Ill scour eBay and amazon for the last slatkins left. I will not purchase another white barn candle!

01/05/2013 7:56am

We're sorry to hear that some have had a less-than-stellar experience with the White Barn candles but we love hearing everyone's comments. In our experience, currently, where both Slatkin & White Barn candles co-exist (think the Snow Day line vs. gold lid White Barn) we've had the same burn time on both. Old Slatkin & Co. candles from last year on the other hand, had a much longer burn time and it even states that on the bottom label. Coincidentally, the burn time has decreased across the board right when White Barn came out (Fall 2012) as new wicks and wax formulas were introduced to alleviate the performance problems that plagued the last Spring/Summer candles. Strength issues, in our experience, has fluctuated even in past years, regardless of the branding, before White Barn was introduced.

Slatkin has indeed been phased out of as of 2013. It seems as though the scents created under Slatkin's term is now being re-distributed across both Bath & Body Works branded candles and White Barn branded candles. While some may disagree, we truly believe that these are all simply branding/name changes and the performance and strength issues just come along with the nature of wax formulas and differences in wicks, as has always been the case in past years.

Kathryn Olsen
01/09/2013 7:47am

I am so upset that Slatkin & Co. wallflower refills, specifically, Pumpkin Patch; country apple; kitchen spice, and all the fall based wallflower scents, not to mention Fresh balsam wallflowers, etc. are being discontinued. Your white barn 'replacements' are akin to replacing a diamond with a cheap cubic zirconia. I have no less than 12 Slatkin & Co, wallflower bulbs working 24 hours a day/ 7 days a week and cannot believe you would mess with such a superior product line. I am very disappointed and have invested a great deal of money in wallflower diffusers and don't know what I am going to do when these are no longer available. This is simply a shame, a sad, sad shame!

01/09/2013 1:34pm

Hi Kathryn. While we cannot speak for Bath & Body Works, since we are in no way affiliated with them - we can say that we don't have any reason to believe that Bath & Body Works is discontinuing the diffusers in anyway. The same exact diffusers and bulbs are currently in-store and you may see some labeled as Slatkin and some labeled as White Barn, but we have used both products and believe them to operate in the same exact way. Wallflowers are still in the future product lines and have no sign of being discontinued. As for the Fall refills you have mentioned, they are "Fall" products after all, so this means they are seasonal and may come back next Fall. You can often find some of your favorite scents during the Semi-Annual Sale as well, which occurs in June and as well as right now. As of today, we have seen many scents in two-packs for $5 that are labeled "Slatkin & Co." Alternatively, if you still wish to purchase ones that are specifically marked "Slatkin & Co." rather than White Barn, you can do so by visiting www.qvc.com as well and searching for "Slatkin." Happy diffusing!

01/10/2013 9:30am

I was SICK that my favorite Slatkin & Co candle - Fireside - had been discontinued. I was told by customer service at Bath and Body Works that the White Barn candle in "Fireside" was the exact same, but it is not. Yes, the fragrance is probably similar enough to claim it is the same thing, but the quality of the White Barn candle is terrible. The Slatkin & Co candle had a clean scent, but the White Barn candle burns smoky and thick. When the Slatkin & Co candle was extinguished, there was very little smoke from the wick, but the White Barn candle smokes and smokes and smokes - the smoke is thick and oily. These White Barn candles are TERRIBLE.

03/18/2013 2:16pm

Sorry to say, but no way are the White Barn or B&BW candles the same as Slatkin. As stated by others, the scents are not strong at all. Too bad. I am back to Yankee for all candles, now.

01/10/2013 2:04pm

Add me to the list of FORMER candle customers. I had a Slatkin & Co candle beside my bathtub that lasted through at least a year's worth of nice, long soaks. The B&BW version I replaced it with has almost burned away already and I just bought it for myself while Christmas shopping less than a month ago. Clearly an inferior wax formulation and possibly poor wick quality, too, since the flame does seem to smoke excessively as someone mentioned above. If B&BW thinks this'll make me come back for candles sooner, they couldn't be more wrong. I don't like to support corporate greed.

01/12/2013 9:00am

Such a bummer. It's back to Yankee and WoodWick for me. The Slatkin and White Barn are worlds apart. I'm so glad I tried the White Barn before buying them for gifts.

01/12/2013 1:46pm

I purchased a tealight snowglobe last year for $29.50 at Bath and Body Works and the liquid in the snowglobe became yellowish, please let me know if this has happened to anyone else.

01/12/2013 7:35pm

Hi simpaticona321! We actually have heard this problem happen to people many times. It appears to be rather common. You can either take the snow globe back to a store for a refund/store credit (depending on if you have a receipt) or you can alternatively call Bath & Body Works Customer Service (1-800-756-5005) for more assistance and explain your situation.

01/13/2013 10:04pm

I wish they would bring "Leaves" back in body care, home fragrance, and anti bacterial. Who's with me?

05/07/2013 9:22pm

I LOVE "Leaves." I'm in total agreement!!

05/12/2013 5:20pm

I second that motion..... Just. Ought four candles from White Barn, not realizing that the changes in company took place; I definitely can tell a difference. The candles are not as strong under White Barn; loved Leaves by Slatkins n Co.

01/13/2013 10:25pm

I stopped buying candles from bath and body, they just don't burn right and aren't strong. I switched to yankee, but found a candle company that makes the best candles ever! They are strong enough to scent multiple rooms and they burn right to the bottom. Buy Gold Canyon candles.

01/14/2013 2:50am

I think it would be good to include a recent list of B&BW clearance stores (aka outlets) and note what the difference is between an outlet and true clearance store is.

01/15/2013 8:11pm

i am thankful for the info here! i am going to freak if i cant get another cinnamon sugar donuy slatkin candle!!! why are they changing??? :(

01/15/2013 8:35pm

I just returned two candles (one White Barn, the other B&BW) because they extinguished themselves after only burning halfway down. This had never happened with any of the other Slatkin & Co.'s I had. I was able to exchange them for a Slatkin & Co. and B&BW candle in store. Now I can really compare the two!

01/20/2013 10:47pm

Okay so you guys have got it wrong. I currently work for BBW and the slatkin & co candles are not discontinued they are being rebranded to the same name as bath and body works. Just ask a store employe and the will show you the difference.

01/21/2013 5:39am

Hi Lauren! Thanks for echoing the same thing we have written in our post. We stated "Since in essence, there is not much changing except for the brand name and packaging, not much should change for us as many of the same scents still exist and may very well continue to exist." It is true that Slatkin & Co branded candles are being phased out as if you clearly look at the coming Spring line (now online) they don't have anymore Slatkin-branded candles. We never stated that the candles are changing but are simply being re-branded.

01/30/2014 1:12pm

Look as much as b&bw and the writers of this site keep telling us they are the same, we as the consumers know there is a quality difference. The new candles may have the same name, but they are not Slatkin quality period. I've burned both, in different rooms at the same time, and I KNOW there is a difference. Of course they are telling their employees to tell people they are the same thing, but we won't be fooled. Cutting corners may save them money in the short term, but it will loose them customers in the long run, like myself.

01/22/2013 10:05am

I certainly found a difference between White Mountain candles and Slatkin and Co~the White Mountain candles, though having great scents, certainly last NOWHERE NEAR as long as Slatkin and Co candles. I paid full price for one of the 3-wick ones and have been very sad at the very short burn- life of it. This candle is nearly gone and I bought it for Thanksgiving. I have a Slatkin that I used all last year and STILL have more left than I do from the White Mountain candle purchased in November.

02/14/2013 11:46pm

Just got my first white barn candle- pineapple orchid. Good smell but not as potent as candles I've had in the past. Hoping it lasts long since these candles are expensive!

03/01/2013 2:41pm

Why won't your candles burn all the way down? There is at least 1/2 inch of wax left at the bottom of the jar and the wicks will not light anymore. Is this like the Subway "footlongs" where you're charging us for a certain amount of burnability but we can''t actually use it all? PLEASE ADVISE.

03/19/2013 6:36am

Hi John! Please note that we are not affiliated with Bath & Body Works so we cannot speak on their behalf. As for the 1/2 inch of wax, that occurs on most candles as wicks have metal bases that hold the wick down to the bottom of the candle. Without the metal base, which consequently takes some space, the wicks would not stay in place and therefore would not work.

11/05/2013 1:48pm

What I do with that 1/2 inch of candle when the wicks are done is putting them on one of those electric candle burners and you can have extra hours and hours of the scent.

03/06/2013 1:53pm

Why is everyone so up in arms? Seems like no one is giving the new candles a chance. My experience (and many others online) is that the burn has been superior since the Fall. VERY FEW bad burns. Of course, like most everything else on internet boards, the few negatives drown out the positives. I am here to say the new candles are BETTER...yes BETTER than before. Those who don't like them anymore just leave more for me....

Karen Ducote
03/08/2013 9:11am

BRING BACK SLATKIN!!! White Barn doesn't hold a candle to SLATKIN!!!

David C
03/18/2013 4:54am

Definitely disappointed when I walked into Bath and Body Works yesterday, March 17, and realized there were no Slatkin candles anywhere. What the heck? I suspected immediately that they were cheapening up their candle product line. I will give the candles a shot, and hope that I'm wrong, but I bet I'm not. One of the sales associates in the store said that Mr. Slatkin is still an "advisor" with BBW regarding their current candle line. Yeah, right.

03/26/2013 8:56am

I went back to Yankee candles after a long time customer of the slatkin & co candles. Sorry Bath & Body Works.. Your new candles are not as good as the slatkin & Co. There's probably many other customers that feel the same way but just don't voice their opinion.

04/03/2013 11:35am

I am a Slatkin fan. I bought a few "White Barn" labeled candles at Christmas. I could detect no scent while they were burning at all! Who would pay $20.00 for an unscented candle? Not me! Slatkin was the only reason that I was a devoted Bath & Body Works Customer. I won't be going into the store again. This was a bad corporate decision!

04/11/2013 12:44pm

WOW! Stumbled on this site while googling "what happened to Slatkin candles. I was looking for them wherever I could find them on the web after submitting to buying BBW candles for Christmas past season. I accidentally purchased a few White Barn with that batch, and didn't like either brand. I so miss Slatkin! After reading all these comments it seems the perfect candle has come and apparently gone. What a shame.

04/18/2013 8:55am

I will miss my Slakin Winter scent.

05/01/2013 11:54am

I thought I was the only one and I had lost my mind!!! Guess not! I too have had the same experience with SEVERAL of the new candles. A few months ago I went to "stock up". I walk in and found out that the "aromatherapy line has been discontinued" with the exception of eucalyptus spearmint. However, then the sales women tells me that "really the only difference is the labels have been changed and they freshened up the scents". Ok, true, the scent is a little different but I wanted to give them a try. So I come home with the "new" lavender vanilla (same name as "old" aromatherapy), "new" eucalyptus mint ("old"/still available eucalyptus spearmint), 2 usual scents Ive always purchased and 4 new. WOW...very disappointing!! The "newly labeled old scents" when lit smell NOTHING like the old ones, nor are they at all strong. I used to beable to have 1 candle lit and the whole house would smell wonderful. As for the other 6, they either don't smell at all, are way too overpowering or smell completely different when lit. Having been a B&BW customer for 10+ years, I feel that I have given these new candles a good chance. Like others guess Im going back to Yankee as well. :(

05/23/2013 5:32pm

If you liked the Slatkin & Co. Bamboo and Jasmine scent from before it was at Bath and Body you should try the Bamboo scent from Nest. Harry Slatkin's wife Laura Slatkin started this company and the Bamboo scent is the original one from the early Slatkin days!!! And the Nest Holiday scent is the original Slatkin winter scent (or maybe it was called Slatkin Holiday?). Anyway, you can get Nest candles and other stuff on their website and at stores like Bloomingdales and Saks and Neiman Marcus. I live in NYC and I get them at Ricky's, which is awesome because they're all over. Check 'em out...you won't be disappointed. And the quality is MUCH better than any of those candles at Bath & Body or Yankee Candles. It's like the wax is creamy and soft. Sometimes I put it on my skin for scent! lol really!

05/23/2013 6:10pm

I wanted to add something and say thank you for this blog! Cuz i was going crazy trying to figure out what was going on at Bath &Body with the Slatkin candles going away. I was a fan before they went to Bath & Body and when tthey started to change to White Barn I did research because i knew they weren't the same quality. I STILL have original Slatkin & Co. candles and i just pulled them out of my supply closet. Not sure if the bamboo and holiday ones are exactly the same from Nest but they smell pretty close. Maybe even better! Lol! Again, its worth a try since Bath&BOdy seems to be changing the scents and labels. Sad.

05/24/2013 11:04am

I just watched Harry Slatkin on QVC today and was selling Bath and Body Works Brand Candles. His company and B&BW have merged and was vouching that they are same. I went on this blog to see if White Barn was the same, and looks like it is not.

05/27/2013 1:39pm

I also just left bath and body works and realized I am not the only when I looked for Slatkin and co, I saw white barn and the NEW labeled bath and body candles scent do not smell or burn the same and even when they have the sales now that were 2-for 20 now they are 2 for 22 for the worst candle replacements I have ever seen, I will not return to bath and body no more slatkin and co candles, these are not the same I changed from yankee now I am going back

Adrienne LaScala
06/18/2013 8:52pm

I'm disappointed. No candle can compair to the strong scent like Slakin Candles. When you light the Slakin candle, you whole house smells wonderful. Not the case with Bath and Body Work or White Barn candles. I guess I'll have to take a look at QVC!

07/27/2013 2:11am

I'm writing from Dubai in the United Arab Emirates, and I too really miss the Slatkin candles. The rebranded B&BW and White Barn candles are a far cry from Slatkin.
Very disappointed.
Bring back Slatkin!!!

V icky
07/30/2013 12:05pm

Soooo Glad that I found this blog! So disappointed in Bath and Body. I had been wondering what was happening--- Now I know. I too am going back to Yankee with my tail between my legs because I had told Yankee that they needed to improve their product but now like all the others I will go back. I had not had any need to be in their store (BBW) for a few months and when I did get there I was surprised by the scents. Everything smelled like jello, sticky sweet and nothing I needed in my house. I can not comment on the burn time because, there was nothing I wanted to buy.

08/01/2013 5:52pm

Try the Nest Candles by Laura Slatkin. They are awesome!

08/05/2013 10:47am

Just like everyone else on this blog, I am very disappointed that BBW discontinued Slatkin candles because they're my favorites. I'd like to go on Amazon and order them, but wanted to know if anyone has done the same?

08/06/2013 6:52am

Went to B&BW the other day, only to find out that they won't be bringing my fav scent out this year. I absolutely loved Cinnamon Sugared Donut! What a bummer.

08/27/2013 5:21pm

Why has B & BW's discontinued the Aromatherapy Orange Ginger Candles? My fave! Know where I can get them?

10/05/2013 3:00pm

Where can I get the Slatkin & Co SEASIDE ESCAPE concentrated room spray. This is my favorite and I can not find it anywhere.

10/11/2013 9:12pm

Ihope you do not discontinue the aromatherapy lavender-sleep & fresh balsam wallflower scents. I constantly purchase them. It would be poor judgement on your behalf. PLEASE reconsider!

candice russell
10/23/2013 12:01pm

I just bought 2 sets of candles from what I thought were Harry Slatkin Candles on QVC's website. Well, three were actually labeled White Barn (scent not so strong or appealing) and three were labeled Harry Slatkin (sophisticated strong scents, like always). I went back to buy more, but now the ones only w/ Slatkin's name don't exist there anymore. I am disappointed, like many people, and feel that Harry Slatkin is making a big mistake. He was called "the nose" for a reason and now he's selling outerwear? What a joke!

10/23/2013 1:29pm

I purchased in the past, maybe about 40-50 a season of these candles.

Why is it always the way, when something is good, they have to take the goodness right out of whatever it is? Do they think the public isn't going to notice?

These new season candles (fall scents 2013) are horrific! They have half the scent. My friend came in yesterday and she buys these as well and couldn't even notice the smell right beside the front door where she entered.

I have decided to try my own hand at making candles, as these just aren't worth the money anymore.

You would think that they get a clue, sooner rather than later. I won't purchase these anymore.

Twanda Watson
11/09/2013 2:36pm

I miss slatkins candles. The other company does not make hot chocolate.

Trish G.
11/17/2013 7:28pm

I just purchased white barn and the bath and bodyworks brand candles.... I WISH I read these comments before I bought them. Horrible candles with no scent.. Taking th back ASAP!

11/26/2013 6:23pm

I found this googling if the formula had changed for the "Leaves" candle at B&B. The brand change explains it. The new one just smells way too much like apple. I was so disappointed that I got two different fall/winter scents from the White Barn line, and I noticed the same thing as most people who commented--that the scents aren't nearly as strong. My old ones from 2 years ago would fill the whole room very quickly, and now I have to walk up to the candle and lean in to smell anything (after 3 hours of burning, mind you). What a waste :(

Stephanie W
12/03/2013 9:35pm

I am happy I came across this site and for the suggestions on other candle companies.

I loved Slatkin and Co and whether the change is due to re-branding or formula differences, I am very disappointed with the new candles. They don't last as long, they're not as strong, and the don't smell as good. I couldn't even find a good Christmas scent this year. I went next to Yankee Candle Co for the first time. I'm not in love with Yankee Candle either -- still preferred Slatkin.

I will try out the suggestions posted here - Nest and Gold Canyon Candles. Hopefully they come close.

Dennis Hart
12/09/2013 11:29am

I'm trying to find my original packaging. I unplugged my fragrance wall unit and laid it on the table. An hour later, the "oil" or whatever it is ruined a huge area of the table. not good.

12/10/2013 6:47pm

I purchased Slatkin candles for many years at BBW. I was so disappointed to see the brand go away. White Barn and BBW labeled candles are definitely not the same. I've tried both. They don't have the same fragrance intensity and they don't burn nearly as well as Slatkin. Will stick with Yankee brand.

12/17/2013 12:02pm

it's snowing here in NYC and a perfect day to burn a scented candle. for me scented candles were always hit and miss, until i saw Harry Slatkin a few years back on QVC describing his candles so passionately. ultimately, it was his WORDS that made me go to B&BW to check out the candles, and buy a couple on sale. to my delight, they were the best candles i'd ever bought and indeed, they made the room smell great "even without burning them," as he used to say. well, like everyone else i noticed the change in labeling at B&BW but refused to buy the new incarnation. thanks for the heads up on NEST but hooooo boy after getting the sale prices at B&BW i'm very reluctant to spend that much money on a candle. oh well! i still have a few slatkin originals left, so i'll use them sparingly!

12/22/2013 6:14pm

I am in complete agreement with the above! There is a huge difference in the B&BW candles, NOTHING compares to Slatkin & CO! Such a disappointment. I have spoken to many associates at my local B&BW stores about this and was told they hear that often, they said to call corporate to complain, the more people that complain is when they may take action. Whenever, I have called they said they documented it and if enough people call about the product or its discontinuance they will likely bring it back or make a change. Also, if you were a fan of the Cotton Candy (my absolute favorite!!) please call and request that they remake it!

Susan Di
12/27/2013 3:56pm

My girlfriend and I were discussing at lunch how disappointed we were at the BBW candles this season and noticed the slatkin name gone from them. She emailed this to me. The scents are barely noticeable now and the wicks burn down too quickly (even my husband noticed). We are done with BBW. I googled them, amazon has some. But I am so disappointed now I have been looking for others. Diptyque and one on drugstore.com is very good... good luck everyone!

12/27/2013 5:47pm

Bad move B&BW. I can absolutely, positively tell the difference.
Go back to the old recipe.
if you want us back in your store.

01/02/2014 10:01am

White Barn seems to be an inferior product across the board as compared to Slatkin. It's not the candles as much as it is the room sprays for me. Leaves as made by Slatkin smelled wonderful. Leaves as made by White Barn ~burns~ the nose and doesn't have that addictive scent Slatkin had. Shame.

01/07/2014 9:57am

I have spent a fortune on candles throughout the yearsand so miss the slatkin brand. BRING it back to BB and Beyond and let me know when so I can return as a faithful customer! PLEASE!!!

Erin Foster
01/12/2014 6:40pm

Hey everyone! Upon researching Slatkin & Co candles I found this website....My boyfriends mother gave us the eucalyptus Slatkin candle and it was the best candle Ive ever had. I love buying cheap candles but im realizing they are nothing compared to this one. So I have found that the best way to continue purchasing Slatkin & Co is to go on Ebay or Amazon. Alternatively I will be scouring Ross/Big Lot/TJ Maxx/Marshalls to find them. Good luck! Thanks for the heads up!

01/19/2014 6:49am

I loved the Slatkin scented candles too (Leaves was awesome) because of their strong
fragrances but mostly their long burn time.
SO disappointed
in the BBW candle over the holidays...the entire candle became
liquid wax in one evening, going back to Yankee Candles...will NEVER buy from BBW again.
This change up is a marketing money ploy, cheap candle for the price.

Dixie L. Blake
03/01/2014 11:49am

Do you what happened to 'Susan Parfume and Ambiance'?

Terry Fisher
03/11/2014 7:34am

Are Bath and Body Works "Winter" and White Barn "Winter" the same?

03/31/2014 8:36pm

I thot I was only one , I night candle , and it don't smell strong , tried all scenes I bought , wow! readin I switched was long string scent ... now it's give , finding old slatkin somewhere , mst have to stop shopping there , they rid if great scents , bet iOS about money ? then I figured out they were different , time to google, they going back , gonna try Yankee again too

04/14/2014 10:36am

So disappointed! I loved Slatkin & Company candles, especially "Passion" (not "Passion Flower"). I can't find any of the Slatkin scents that I love the best! I'm burning the last of my "Happiness" candle today. I will need to look for a new candle vendor I guess. And new scents. The only Slatkin Passion candles I can find are selling for $120 each! If the company that acquired Slatkin had any business sense, they'd resurrect these awesome candles--I'd pay $50 for one! But not $120!!! Sigh.


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