The ever-so-popular Summer Boardwalk candle is officially returning!  Also, the new Summer Lake collection of candles are now online and trickling into stores for purchase.  Read all about it after the jump!
Summer Boardwalk
  • The very popular candle from last year's "American Boardwalk" collection, released during early summer, has been confirmed to be coming back "online around the middle of May" according to Bath & Body Works Facebook representative (as pictured right).
  • Update: A Facebook representative stated "Mark you calendar for May 13, that's when the Summer Boardwalk candle is scheduled to launch!"
  • The notes for Summer Boardwalk are as follows: "Like memories of the best summer spent at the beach - caramel-glazed popcorn, warm taffy-apples and salted, sweet cream." 
  • The Summer Boardwalk candle was widely popular because of it's intensely strong throw and it's bakery/food-type scent.  It is actually regarded as the ultimate standard amongst what all other candles' throw/strength are among the wax/B&BW community. The Summer Boardwalk candle is ridiculously strong and even lingers into the next morning after it's been extinguished the night before.
The Summer Lake Collection
  • Similar in concept to the aforementioned "American Boardwalk" collection, the "Summer Lake" collection (unofficially named) is now online and trickling into stores for purchase, following it's recent test period.
  • The following candles are now online and it's notes are as follows:
  • Strawberry PicnicA fresh blend of red, ripe summer strawberries, wild raspberries and sweet buttercream serve up a slice of summer sweetness!
  • Watermelon LemonadeThe coolest sip of summer! Quench your thirst for long summer days with this refreshing blend of watermelon ice, sparkling water and freshly squeezed Meyer lemons.
  • Mahogany TeakwoodLike the warmth of a boat's deck in the sun, the luxurious scents of fine woods – rich mahogany, cedarwood and oak moss – capture the essence of setting sail on a summer day. (Re-package)
  • Summertime S'moresA gooey & guilt-free treat! Toasted marshmallows, crackling campfire and creamy, rich vanilla capture all the sweetness of summer's most loved sweet! (Extremely similar to Marshmallow Fireside)
  • Boathouse RowNotes of moss, green sage and bay leaves capture the essence of a cool retreat in the shade with deep, blue water on the horizon.
  • LakesideLike the water after a cannonball, jump into an invigorating blend of fresh water, sheer musk and the perfect pop of lemon zest. (Re-package of Verbena Waters)
  • As per any news regarding future releases, information/releases may be subject to change.
  • Our Take: Summer Boardwalk is certainly an amazing candle and we hope that Bath & Body Works doesn't change the throw/formula of it at all.  We expect an updated label but have not heard whether the rest in that collection are returning.  The Summer Lake collection has met it's initial reviews amongst test-store-orderers and the general consensus is that the most of them are re-packaged, cologne scents or mass-appeal sweet scents.  We have already purchased Watermelon Lemonade and while disappointed that it is rather similar to Caribbean Escape, we're glad to have a watermelon scent similar to "Summer Watermelon" and will be keeping it.  We're looking forward to Strawberry Picnic the most!



04/26/2013 9:12pm

I'm so disappointed they didn't bring back "Seashore". That was an amazing scent. I didn't like "Summer boardwalk", although I never usually like food scents. I love cologne scents so I'm really excited about the "summer lake" collection.

06/12/2013 12:51am

I'm sad Forest Trail and Dockside didn't make the cut :(

06/26/2013 8:45am

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