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Are you wondering what the Black Friday and Black Friday weekend sales are going to be at Bath & Body Works this year? Wonder no more with Scentizens' 2013 Bath & Body Works Black Friday Guide where we cover what's in this year's exclusive VIP bag, special sales & more!

It's official! Bath & Body Work's newest "Forever Collection" scent, "Forever Red Vanilla Rum" is coming out for a limited time this holiday season. Read more to find out the notes and its official release date.

Bath & Body Works is releasing yet ANOTHER Fresh Picked Collection this fall with mostly returning scents and some new scents.  Read more to find out what scents are coming back for another season.

The ever-so-popular Summer Boardwalk candle is officially returning!  Also, the new Summer Lake collection of candles are now online and trickling into stores for purchase.  Read all about it after the jump!

Available starting March 29th, Bath & Body Works is coming out with an Italian-themed line of home fragrance, antibacterial and body care products.  Including the already-at-test-stores candles and the new Bella Italy line, we have information on the new releases.  Read more to find out!

Along with returning favorite, Mango Butter, new scents are being added to the Bath & Body Works "True Blue Spa" line.  Read more to find out:

"London Calling" lovers rejoice!  The Destination/Travel Collection of candles are returning to Bath & Body Works along with a few new scents.  Read to more to find out all the details.

Have you been wanting to try the new Bath & Body Works "Beautiful Day" Signature Collection body care?  From now (March 16th 12PM EDT) until 8PM EDT you can for a limited time!  Read more to find out how:  (Note: This is no longer active.)

Old Slatkin & Co. favorite, "Vanilla Coconut" among other scents are returning as part of the White Barn Collection line!  The Eucalyptus Mint test line has also returned to test stores with the addition of new Wallflowers and room sprays.  Read more for all the details and pictures!